Auto Repair in Finksburg, MD

Do not let auto repairs and maintenance be a drag on your day and your week. A minor issue can sprout into a major problem that can set back not just that day or week, but months. Finding a creditable auto body shop can be daunting and scary, but look no further. If you are looking for any and all auto repair needs in Finksburg, MD you have found it at Nelson’s Service Center. Pride in their work is what they stand upon. There is no better decision that can be made then paying them a visit with any auto repair needed.

From transmissions to simple oil changes to brakes, to electrical problems, the expert team at Nelson’s Service Center is prepared to take care your vehicle, no matter what make or model. They are centrally located in Finksburg, MD and they know their auto repair. Whether it is a commercial vehicle or your family minivan, their shop is prepared to service any auto repair in Finksburg, MD.


Our technicians also perform repairs on lawnmowers and lawn and garden tractors as well as other small-engine equipment such as gas-powered generators, power washers, chain saws, grass trimmers, and snow blowers.